At Robert Johnson Nig, our foundation is built on six strategic pillars. These are described by statements of commitment and have decisive influence on the corporate strategy by helping to achieve the our Vision and Mission.


We are a customer focused technology and service company. Innovation and Excellence are part of RJN’s foundation and drives all aspects of our business. Our products stand for quality, efficiency, reliability, and sustainability.


We foster strategic alliances with integrators and service providers. We actively monitor our business network and enter new industries and market opportunities by fostering strategic alliances.


We think global and act local through our regional presence and entrepreneurial approach to meet local market needs. We work with well-defined, lean processes and standard integrated systems.



Our growth is based on organic business growth and strategic partnerships. Continued economic success with a long-term perspective ensures financial health and is the basis for sustainable growth and innovation.


We promote the values of a family-owned company. We base internal and external relationships on mutual trust, respect, and open communication. We have a clear leadership philosophy and develop the key competencies of our team members.

Responsibility and accountability are binding duties for every employee. Continuous improvement is a binding management principal and a deeply rooted company value


We see change always as a chance, not a threat

Tomorrow’s challenges require new solutions

We set a positive example and lead change through personal involvement

We lead through our actions. We promote open, constructive communication and information exchange with all stakeholders.